With a little love and a broken warranty

Saterday 20th of february 2010, 19:24

No Superdrive makes testing a lot harder. My just bought cleaning disc got spit out like te rest. Bit useless to have a drive inside my Mac which does nothing. No warranty. Decided to break open my mini (did it once before with my PowerPC mini to add RAM). Cleaned the lens and voila it's working again.

Link (klein)
Mini during operation



Failure, coding and porting

Friday 19th of february 2010, 13:28

Because Burn is all about burning it needs a lot of testing. Recently my Intel Mac mini's burner gave up. This week it was the burner of my PowerPC Mac mini. Allready bought a new USB burner (thanks to the donations). As this is my third external burner (one also gave up and a Iomega not working with anything else than Toast), it seems external burners are a lot less stable. But it kind of works and I have one internal burner left in my iBook :-)

There are reports of crashing in Snow Leopard, but also that it is working just fine. Because I'm kind of perfectionist and because I wrote Burn while Mac OS X 10.2 was out, I've checked the whole code (over 100 files) and cleaned it up. Found bugs and unneeded code. I'm now at the final steps of finishing the next release (mainly a bug fix release).

Because I have to test Burn in Panther I decided to make the source compatible with Xcode 1.5 for easy testing. It just took around a hour :-)

Burn running on Panther using Xcode 1.5:

On a sidetrack I wanted to see if I could port Burn to Linux. Since Burn is written in Objective-C, GNUstep is the obvious choice. Started small for now, but got the video tab and encoding working. So it should be possible in the future to port it to Linux.

Link (klein)
Burn on GNUstep
Link (klein)
Burn on Étoile

Inbox (102)

Thursday 2nd of april 2009, 12:55

Sourceforge doesn't allow mailing from their sites. A logical step to prevent spam. But it makes it hard to check the mails send via the contact form. Found a way around. Now it will be checking a lot of mail, keep tuned.

Testing, testing and testing

Wednesday 1st of April 2009, 15:35

Last release added a new version of ffmpeg(-mt). Forgot to check it on my possible test system configurations.

A few pictures to explain:

Took some time to get all binaries to work on all test systems. Also I found out ffmpegs Altivec checking code is broken in the version included since Burn 2.0u. So next vesion will have a seperate G3 release.

To make sure they work download and test them here (G3, PowerPC G4 + G5 and Intel builds):.

Encoding to the next level with FFmpeg

Saterday 7th of March 2009, 16:50

Updated ffmpeg to the latest ffmpeg-mt. This version supports multiple cores.

Also a nice added feature of the latest ffmpeg is RealVideo 3.0 and 4.0 support (realplayer 9, 10)

Get the latest Burn using SVN (see Development).

羞耻 (shame)

Wednesday 4th of March 2009, 18:20

Burn 1.721u had a lot more languages. With Burn 2.0u a lot of code was changed, this lead to a lot of work for the localizers. A lot of languages didn't make it into the new release. Had some time today, so I merged them into Burn 2.01u. This should make a good startpoint for localizers.

Find them at localizations page.

QuickTime and SVN

Sunday 1st of March 2009, 13:52

SVN is up and running, see it at the development pages.

This release broke support for Panther users with QuickTime 6.5.2, so I had to do a daring task to remove QuickTime 7.x and revert it to QuickTime 6.5.2.
It showed the whole OS is QuickTime dependent, applications wouldn't launch anymore. After installing QuickTime 6.5.2 from another partition (using Pacifist) Panther worked again.

At the end I found out why it didn't work and it will be fixed in a next small release.
It's allready fixed in the SVN, but can't be compiled in Panther.


Monday 9th of February 2009, 13:27

Welcome to the new blog. Here you'll find news and the progress about Burn.